Are you a leader?

KeepCalmAndPracticeTKD Are you a leader?

To change the world. to make it a better place. to make progress in technology, health, psychology, science or education, we need leaders. Leadership is something everybody talks about wanting. We want to be leaders.  We want our kids to be leaders.  We admire leaders.  We even insert rock stars or sports figures as leaders in the absence of other leaders. There are thousands of books. definitions, quotes. seminars, classes. and stories about leaders.

BUT do we really want it?  Or do we want someone to tell us what to do? Someone to tell us what is right? How does most of society operate? If we look it’s easy to see that most people don’t operate as a leader. Most people follow… follow TV ads. follow role models (good and bad ones). follow social norms. follow. follow. follow …

None of this is inherently bad. The world does need people to follow, to work together, to be focused on a common purpose.  So then, what determines a leader?  Put simply:

A Leader Is Someone WHO Is Willing To Do What Others Are Not Willing to Do.

The leader doesn’t have to stand up and make speeches. They don’t need to be in politics. They can be unknown except to a small circle of people around them.

They do step outside the bounds of what the majority of society does and the way they operate outside these bounds is in areas other people are not willing to do, Others are not willing to sacrifice. Others make excuses. Others are more concerned about “fun” or “free time” or “going out” than making a difference in the world

To change the world, we need leaders. Isn’t changing the world what we are here for?  Are you a leader?

To become a leader. however. you have to develop skills. Anyone can do it. In fact, the skills themselves give you the discipline to develop them, so as you start building the skills you need to become a leader. it becomes easier.  And martial arts training is especially good for learning leadership skills.

I’ll be talking more about leadership skills and attributes in upcoming blogs.  Stay tuned!

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