Are you a warrior?

BlackBelt Are you a warrior?

At West Houston ATA Martial Arts, I emphasize the need to be a warrior, not a follower.  In discussing how to be a warrior in today’s society, we need to look at several things.

Just like warriors of the past, today’s warrior should have certain basic attributes:
1. They should be confident in their abilities.
2. They should have a strong sense of morality that guides them in life.
3. They know and accept the need to balance themselves between work and play, so that
they can become more productive in their lives.
4. They are leaders by example.

Great leaders will all exhibit certain traits. They will be moral and compassionate,
because they know that life without compassion is meaningless. They will demand a high level of performance because they know that striving for less than excellence is a waste of time and effort. They will be intelligent and insightful. And they will laugh,
because they know that without enjoyment of life, all other skills wither.

All of these lead to two very distinct traits: they will be fearless and they will be
decisive. This comes about because theyhave confidence that their decisions and actions will be correct to the best of their abilities.

Our Taekwondo classes stress Leadership training so that you can answer the question:  do you have what it takes to be a warrior today?


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