Becoming a warrior in today’s society

I’ve written about this before, but it is a favorite topic of mine.

The historical concept and modern perception of a “warrior” is a soldier or fighter.  But being a warrior is much more than that.  It is not limited to the military, it applies to everyone in all walks of life.

I’d like to quote Daniele Bolelli for a moment.  In his excellent book, On The Warrior’s Path, Mr. Bolelli addresses this issue very eloquently:

 In martial arts circles as well as in popular culture, the concept of “the way of the warrior” is the subject of much hype. The idea underlying it views martial arts not simply as methods to break bones, but as paths for self-perfection and character-building. The word “warrior,” however, is employed in so many fields, besides its original, somewhat bloody context, with so many different meanings attached to it, that it is hard to use it without sounding foolish. Yet, the sometimes misguided popularity of the “warrior” idea shows how powerful it is as an archetype. It speaks of beautiful qualities which are as rare as pygmy basketball players: a willpower that can’t be broken, the discipline to transform dreams into reality, the ability to get up with one’s confidence unshaken after being knocked down countless times, the commitment to fight not just for one’s personal goals but for everything and everyone deserving help. The warrior doesn’t simply talk about “how things should be,” but acts in a way to make them happen. Being a warrior means having the strength and passion to follow one’s visions.

So how does that affect us?  Plainly speaking, a warrior today is someone who has the courage to stand up for principle, someone who will never give up, someone who has a vision and sets goals to turn that vision into reality.  All of these (and more) are life skills learned through training in Taekwondo at West Houston ATA Martial Arts.

Do you want to be a warrior in today’s society?  Come train with us – we will help you achieve that goal.

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