Becoming a warrior in today’s society – Leadership and Vision

WhiteBeltNeverGaveUp Becoming a warrior in todays society   Leadership and Vision

In the past, I have discussed some generalities .  I’d like to start narrowing down to specifics, and we will start with leadership and vision.

Warriors are leaders.  Even though they may be following orders from others, they are the ones leading in executing those orders.  They are the ones reacting to changes and adjusting to those changes as needed.  In order to do that, they have to have a vision of where they are heading.  The easiest way to explain this trait of leadership is “start with the answer and work backwards”.

Most experts agree that the one key trait of all leaders is that they have a vision for themselves and for the group they are leading. Thomas Watson, founder of IBM said, “Start with the end in mind.”  He and his managers knew in the early stages of development what IBM would look like when they had reached their goal. He had a vision that he readily shared with everyone in his company.

In order to be a leader, you have to have a vision of where and how you want to end up. It doesn’t matter if you are the leader of your family, your work team, your little league team, a civic organization or a country, if you don’t have a vision you can’t lead. If you try, it’s more of a case of the blind leading the blind.

Goal setting leads to vision. By setting goals and combining them with the principles that lead your life, you can develop a vision with such passion that people will follow you. It doesn’t matter if the vision seems impossible, such as the vision of President Kennedy to send a mission to the moon.  If you have a compelling vision and you share that vision clearly with others, people will follow you and make the vision become a reality.


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