Becoming a warrior in today’s society, part 2

LWR CRS 2014 786x1024 Becoming a warrior in today’s society, part 2

Being a warrior is being a leader.  A leader will always set a high standard for others to follow.  And Taekwondo builds leaders.

Warrior will always accept responsibility for their actions.  They will not try to blame others or make excuses.  They understand that actions have consequences, and that it is far better to have positive consequences than negative ones.  Warriors will rise to the occasion and always put forth their best effort.  They understand that being afraid is normal and they overcome their fears in order to succeed.  It might be bottom of the ninth, two outs, we’re down by a run, the bases are loaded and the warrior is coming to bat.  Instead of giving into fear and focusing on the fact that they might strike out or fly out or ground out, the warrior will overcome the fear and be focused on hitting the ball out of the infield.

Taekwondo training teaches warrior skills.  There is always emphasis on constant improvement and doing your best at all times.  There are challenges on a daily basis.  We learn to face fear and overcome it when we spar someone better than we are, because we will learn from the experience and get better.   A piece of iron might dream of becoming a mighty sword, but it first has to go through the fire and the anvil in order to achieve success.

Come join us at West Houston ATA Martial Arts.  Whether you want to be a tournament champion or just lose 30 pounds, it doesn’t matter.  We will help you achieve your goals.  We build tomorrow’s leaders, one Black Belt at a time.

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