Becoming a warrior in today’s society – Values

LWR Becoming a warrior in todays society   Values

One thing that sets the warrior apart from others is a clear system of values.

Values give you the standards you use to make the decisions of how you should act and what you should do in all kinds of different situations. The values of respect, compassion, self-esteem, honesty, and self-discipline help you to examine your actions and allow you to decide if you are acting in an appropriate manner.

When you look at today’s news, it seems that many people in society are more concerned with immediate gratification rather than putting in the work needed to reap the long-term benefits provided by a good value system.  This lack of discipline hurts themselves and it hurts society as a whole.

It’s important to note that good value systems allow you the freedom to live a life unburdened by poor choices. When you have a good value system in place for you and your family, it gives you the ability to chosoe the right path when decisions have to be made. That’s why it’s so important for you to choose what values are most important to you and to remain true to these values.

Positive values help everyone become more successful. If someone has a lot of physical strength, but does not have the ability to think things through and make wise decisions, they will not be able to win the challenges life has for them. In Martial Arts, you learn that it is not enough to be able to win a physical fight, but rather it is more important to win by making the right choices and acting on them. These choices can be made only when you have a good value system.

LWR 241x300 Becoming a warrior in todays society   Values

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