Being a Warrior – Intro

KoreanWarrior Being a Warrior   Intro

I’m going to start a series of blogs on being a warrior in today’s modern society.

First off, what is a warrior?  We immediately think of someone who engages in combat, such as a soldier, but a warrior is really someone who sees a problem, steps up, finds a solution and implements it.  Quite obviously, some solutions are far more complex and dangerous than others, but stop and think for a moment.  Think of all the people in today’s society who are NOT willing to step up.  They want others to do it all for them and they are not willing to accept responsibility of any kind.

Warriors show a variety of life skills in their daily activities.  There are many challenges in life – most can be overcome or lessened by application of one or more of these life skills.  These life skills should become part of who you are, not just part of what you do.  Anyone can pay lip service, too few are willing to invest sweat equity.

We’ll continue with a discussion of some of the most important life skills.