Being A Warrior – Part 1

KoreanWarrior Being A Warrior   Part 1

Continuing in the concept of what it takes to be a warrior in today’s society….

One of the traits of a warrior is Courtesy.  Simply put, a warrior is nice to other people.  And as we all know, if we are nice to others, more than likely, they will be nice back to us and everyone has a better day as a result.

We all have hopes and dreams and goals.  Imagine that you are standing in a hallway with doors on each side, all the way down the hall.  Your goals and dreams are behind those doors, and they are massive doors with the hinges rusted shut.  What’s the first thing you do?  Haul out your trusty can of 3-in-One oil and oil the hinges.  You’ll still have to work to get the doors open, but you won’t have to work quite as hard.

Courtesy is like your can of oil.  A liberal application of courtesy to a situation usually leads to others helping you open the doors to success.