Being a Warrior – Part 2

KoreanWarrior Being a Warrior   Part 2

Continuing with our discussion of being a warrior in today’s society.

LOYALTY is the next attribute of the warrior.   We say that loyalty is a person’s devotion or sentiment of attachment to an ideal, a duty or a cause, and is readily seen through your thoughts and actions.

When the warrior of today shows loyalty, it is usually through their school,  job or other activities.   For example, one might choose to cheer for a particular sports team, or be a fan of a particular musical artist or always support the alma mater.  Within one’s profession, one shows loyalty by doing the best job possible every day.  In Taekwondo training, we show loyalty to our instructors and our chosen style in the same manner:  we do our very best in every class and we try to do it better today than we did it in the last class.