Bullying Prevention

agent G Bullying Prevention

Research suggests that almost 15% of school age children are victims of bullying. Bullying is most common by the second grade and occurs throughout life. Bullying can be both physical and verbal, and can range from mild teasing to pushing and hitting. Bullying is even done quite often on the internet.

The team of instructors at West Houston ATA Martial Arts in Houston, Texas is trying to make a difference by building strong leaders in the community through Martial Arts and Taekwondo. It concerns Master Sears that children are being victimized by their peers. Being a victim of a bully can lead to a child’s avoiding school and developing anxiety about attending class. As a result, grades and self-esteem will both plummet, and in extreme cases, suicide can occur.

Here at West Houston ATA Martial Arts, our Agent G Bullying Prevention Program will equip kids with the tools necessary to succeed in almost every situation. We will teach your child to walk away (but while staying calm and not running), tell the bully to stop and leave him/her alone, or to use humor and come up with a good comeback when a bully targets him/her. They are also taught to report the bullying to parents and teachers. Our Taekwondo programs also help develop your child is self-esteem. It is important for a child to develop a high self-esteem and strong friendships to help further distance themselves from situations where they could be bullied. Teaching your child to make eye contact with others (especially the bully) and to talk with a strong voice may also help. Role playing situations where he/she is bullied are helpful in teaching kids how to respond.

No one should ever become a Target or Victim in life. West Houston ATA takes bullying seriously and stands to protect the youth within the community. STAND UP & STAND PROUD!