Women Martial Arts 280x190 Self Defense   Be Neither Target Nor Victim

Every individual, at some point in his or her life, has needed self defense because they have been victimized, exploited, or abused in some form or another. Whether this relates to a child being bullied at school, an adult being singled out at the workplace, or in more serious cases, an individual being mugged on […]

Allyssa 280x190 Motivation is fueled by imagination

All human motivation can be divided into two broad classifications; the first is inner or intrinsic motivation. This is the built-in drive you have inside of you to grow and to use whatever talent and information you have. This is motivation that comes from the nature of the activity. Remember after you learned to ride […]

Just Stick With It 280x190 Motivation   I can do this!

There are two types of motivation; positive  and negative . Positive motivation is when you feel good about the results you’ll receive when you accomplish something. If your boss tells you that you’ll receive a 20% bonus if the project is done on time successfully, that’s positive motivation. When your parents congratulate you on getting […]

Just Stick With It 280x190 Martial Arts   not just another physical activity

Most people, especially parents, think that martial arts training is just another physical activity.  But it is so much more than that.  Martial arts training at West Houston ATA Martial Arts is about the development of the student as a complete person, with emphasis on life skills such as courtesy, respect, discipline, honor, integrity, self-control, […]