WhiteBeltNeverGaveUp 280x190 Becoming a warrior in todays society   Leadership and Vision

In the past, I have discussed some generalities .  I’d like to start narrowing down to specifics, and we will start with leadership and vision. Warriors are leaders.  Even though they may be following orders from others, they are the ones leading in executing those orders.  They are the ones reacting to changes and adjusting […]

One of the things that characterizes warriors and sets them apart from others is belief.  It is a “Yes, I Can” attitude toward any challenge undertaken.  It isn’t ego – it’s understanding that working hard to succeed and perseverance will make the warrior successful. Far too often, we are too quick to tell ourselves “I […]

Chuck Lisa cropped 2015 280x190 Oh, Im too old to start Taekwondo training

Ummm….no, you are not.  You can train in Taekwondo at any age. I personally know two high ranking people in the ATA who are in their 90s and actively training.  They both started when they were in their 60s.  I will agree – yeah, you probably won’t be kicking very high.  But that doesn’t mean […]

KarateKidsInALine 204x190 Safe Kids through Martial Arts

Their children’s safety remains for most parents a top level concern and consideration. We live in a perilous world where children are easy prey, and safe kids are a parent’s primary concern. Since we can’t be there for our children all the time, it is necessary we teach them everything they need to know about […]