Confidence and belief

Yin Yang Confidence and belief

Sun Tzu says in The Art Of War: “Supreme excellence lies not in defeating your enemy one hundred times. Supreme excellence lies in defeating your enemy without engaging him.”

This is the ultimate goal of training in Taekwondo. We learn to fight so that we can learn how to not fight. When the bad guy is profiling for a victim, he will look at the Taekwondo student and pass them over in favor of someone else. Why? He sees in the Taekwondo student a sense of confidence that sends a message that this is not someone to mess with. It is not arrogance – it is confidence, and it is confidence learned from repeatedly facing challenges and overcoming them. It can be something as small as just coming to class that very first time, or something as large as testing for Black Belt in front of a panel of Masters.

Confidence is one of the keys to success. Confidence is grown from within as the students learn to believe in themselves and develop a “Yes, I can!” attitude. The confidence learned from Taekwondo, or any martial art for that matter, will last a lifetime, and that lifetime will be fuller, richer and happier for it!

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