Confidence is the key!

YinYangWithImages Confidence is the key!

In The Art Of War, General Sun Tzu says:

“Supreme excellence lies not in defeating your enemy a hundred times.  Supreme excellence lies in defeating your enemy without engaging him.”

How does this apply to us today?  The same way it has for thousands of years.  Bad guys profile for victims.  They look for people whose actions and body language marks them as being a target.  This is typically someone drawn in and oblivious to the world around them.  The personification of this is someone staring at a cell phone with absolutely no clue what is about to happen to them.

Confidence is the key!  The confidence gained from martial arts training at West Houston ATA Martial Arts will show through.  The person’s body language will radiate confidence.  They will be alert, upright, making eye contact will everyone around them, and walking with a calm, measured pace.  Bad guys will see this during their profiling and will pass on to someone else.  The Taekwondo student has just defeated his enemy without engaging him!

Confidence is not the only life skill taught at West Houston ATA Martial Arts; it is one of many.  And all the life skills added together and practiced every day make for a complete, well-rounded martial artist.   Come check us out!

BlackBelt Confidence is the key!

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