Continuation of the Hero’s Journey

Pinetree Continuation of the Heros Journey

In my last blog, I wrote about how the literary Hero’s Journey is exactly matched by training in Taekwondo.

One of the main things to remember, though, is that stories have an ending.  Training, however, is a lifetime thing.  Before the goal of Black Belt is achieved, the student should have already set new goals for training beyond 1st Degree.  Stopping at 1st Degree is like stopping after you graduate from high school.  It’s now time to take the basics of Taekwondo that you have learned and start applying them to learning the art of Taekwondo.

A perfect example of this is a lady named Marjorie Templeton.  On July 8, 2015, she was inducted as a Senior Master Instructor, holding the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt.  Two days later, we celebrated her 90th birthday.  And her new Hero’s Journey to 8th Degree and Chief Mastership is just beginning.

People who train in martial arts of any kind generally have happier lives, because we learn discipline and self-control, focus, leadership, courtesy, respect and a host of other life skills.  All of these make us better people, and we change the world around us for the better.  And we definitely need more of that!


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