KID Smarts – Simple Strategies for Raising Extraordinary Children, Number 1

Sears Program boxe JRs KID Smarts – Simple Strategies for Raising Extraordinary Children, Number 1

 “Health, Happy, Confident Kids!”

That’s your goal, right?  But have you ever found yourself:

  • Concerned about your child’s level of Self-Control?
  • Wishing your child had a greater ability to listen . . . To focus?
  • Wondering, painfully, if your son or daughter has the self-esteem it takes to be successful?

You’re not alone!  Even though we want our children to be healthy, happy, and confident—they are confronted with an increasingly complicated and difficult world.

My name is Chuck Sears.  I would like to introduce you to “Kid Smarts” . . . The tiny “postcard newsletter” packed with valuable “parenting tips”!

Kid Smarts” provides easy-to-use strategies that will assist you in raising healthy, happy, and confident children!

In fact, over the past 20 years, over 10,000 local families have used these proven strategies.

Until now, they’ve been only available in the ATA Martial Arts program.  In fact, my staff and I have used them to become one of the top rated Martial Arts schools in Houston!

But now, through “Kid Smarts”, I’m revealing these powerful strategies to the local community.

And “Kid Smarts” is my gift to you, free . . . With no strings attached.

In upcoming issues, you will learn:

  • 4 Ways to Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem.
  • 3 Skills That Will Triple Your Child’s Listening Retention.
  • Negative Peer Pressure . . . How to Teach Your Child to Resist!
  • Why Some Children are Eager to Learn and Some Aren’t.

And lots more in each issue!

The simple truth is this:  Good Old-Fashioned Values Work.  And “Kid Smarts” provides the “coaching tips” you need to raise healthy, happy, confident children.

So stock up on refrigerator magnets . . . Each issue is guaranteed to be a “keeper”!

Remember, watch for your “Kid Smarts” emails —your first issue will arrive soon!

Your friend,

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