Life Skills

Chief Master Allemeir once told us, “We don’t teach fighting.  We teach life skills, and we use Taekwondo as the teaching medium.”

All of the life skills that we teach, such as perseverance, self-control, honor, integrity, etc., are all crucial elements of life.  In its own way, Taekwondo is a subset of life.  Just like our lives in general, it is filled with challenges which we must overcome to be successful.  Sometimes we are not successful in overcoming a challenge, which is where perseverance comes in as well as integrity and discipline.  We know that we didn’t promote at the last testing because we didn’t work hard enough during the cycle.  We therefore work harder and better to overcome the challenge on the next attempt.

Challenge yourself – no matter what it is that you are doing, do it better than you did it the last time.