May is Mother’s Month!

Yin Yang May is Mothers Month!

Why settle for just one day?

To celebrate May as Mother’s month, West Houston ATA Martial Arts will be offering a Women’s Self-Defense Seminar on Sunday May 22nd from 1 to 5, FREE to all mothers.

This seminar was developed by PPCT Management Systems, Inc. and the American Taekwondo Association in a very non-traditional approach.  Most contemporary women’s self-defense courses address statistical issues of assault, attacker profiles and post-incident actions.  Although such knowledge is important, the impression left with the female student is so negative that they are convinced they will become a statistic no matter what precautions they take.  This course is designed to help women manage and cope with issues that they can control, instead of statistical information that has no bearing in a crisis.

The course is taught in three separate units:

  • Prevention Psychology is a non-physical unit that is lecture only, covering personality profiles; safety in the home, at the office or while shopping or travelling.
  • It is not uncommon for a woman to be physically harassed by a flirting male at home, at school, at work, or in social settings. By not deterring these advances, the woman could send messages to the man that she enjoys the attention.  However, stopping the advances in an untactful manner could jeopardize personal or professional relations.  Managing Social or Professional Physical Harassment is designed to give women physical options for stopping unwanted advances in an assertive, yet tactful manner.
  • Sexual Assault Countermeasures is designed to train and prepare women for an unexpected assault. Physical techniques are taught based on gross motor skill movements and the use of pressure points to stun the attacker.

Your instructors are Master Chuck Sears and Master Lisa Rogers, certified Self-Defense instructors with the American Taekwondo Association.


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