Motivation – I can do this!

Just Stick With It Motivation   I can do this!

There are two types of motivation; positive  and negative . Positive motivation is when you feel good about the results you’ll receive when you accomplish something. If your boss tells you that you’ll receive a 20% bonus if the project is done on time successfully, that’s positive motivation. When your parents congratulate you on getting good grades on your report card by letting you take your friends to the movies in the family car is another example of positive motivation.   When your Taekwondo instructor points out how well you have improved in your performance of the form you are learning, that’s positive motivation.

Negative motivation is when you feel bad about doing, or not doing something. When your coach benches you for not giving your best effort, it motivates you to give your best effort in the future.  This is negative motivation. Working overtime to finish a project to avoid being laid off is also a form of negative motivation. Negative motivation makes us try hard to avoid a consequence, while positive motivation makes us try hard to get something done so we can receive a reward. You can motivate yourself positively or negatively. You motivate yourself negatively when you tell yourself that you have to finish your homework “or the teacher will fail me!” or you can motivate yourself positively by telling yourself, “By doing my homework, I’ll get good grades and be able to apply to the college of my choice!”  You motivate yourself negatively if you tell yourself that you get this form learned or else you won’t be able to test.  You motivate yourself positively when you tell yourself that it is more important to learn the form right, rather than right now, and when you do present it at your next testing, it will look great.

Whether you motivate yourself in a  positive or negative manner motivation on yourself is your choice. At West Houston ATA Martial Arts, our belief is that using motivating yourself in a positive manner is better and longer lasting than using motivating in a negative manner.  Positive motivators also give the added advantage of helping you become internally motivated rather than externally motivated.

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