Oh, I’m too old to start Taekwondo training

Chuck Lisa cropped 2015 Oh, Im too old to start Taekwondo training

Ummm….no, you are not.  You can train in Taekwondo at any age.

I personally know two high ranking people in the ATA who are in their 90s and actively training.  They both started when they were in their 60s.  I will agree – yeah, you probably won’t be kicking very high.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be out there trying to do the best kick you possibly can.  That’s the boat I personally am in.  I have rheumatoid arthritis, but I still try to improve my kicks every single day.  Age really is nothing more than a state of mind.

Age brings experience to the table.  And as everyone knows: age, experience and cunning will always defeat youth, exuberance and foolhardiness!  Adults are already used to setting and achieving goals.  In addition, they are also aware of what limitations their body may have and are prepared to work within those limitations.  This life experience will give adults a leg up, so to speak, in their training.  And a special bonus for adults who have kids – training with your kids is a tremendous family activity.  The family that kicks together sticks together!

If you want to start martial arts, but think you are too old – don’t think that.   Because martial arts training isn’t about having the highest belt by a certain age.  It’s about the journey and how it builds you.  If you start training in Taekwondo today, you’ll have the rest of your life to train.   If you wait and start tomorrow, you’ll still have the rest of your life to train, but you will have lost a day.

Take the first step on your journey today!

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