Schedule and curriculum changes

In order to better serve our students, we are making some changes to the schedule and the curriculum.  This will primarily affect the junior classes; adults have only minor changes.  We are making these changes in order to allow students to have more time on the basics for the material taught.

Schedule Changes

  1. We are splitting Leadership into Junior and Adult.   Adult stays at the same time.  Junior Leadership will now meet on Tuesday and Thursday between WOY and Camo + class.  (Juniors are welcome to come with family to adult Leadership class)
  2. Junior Weapons and Camo + sparring will be during class.  Camo + has gone to 1 hr to accommodate the extra activity.  The class starts at 6:45, so if you are not in the Leadership class immediately proceeding, please arrive about 5 minutes early and immediately put on your sparring gear.  PLEASE NOTE – THIS CLASS WILL START IN SPARRING GEAR, AND YOU MIGHT WIND UP KEEPING IT ON ALL CLASS LONG.
  3. Adult class will move back 15 minutes.  Warrior XFit is now becoming part of the adult class.  Total 1 hour.

Curriculum Changes

  1. Camo + Juniors going to an A cycle and a B cycle:
    1. A – Basics, One-steps, Weapons short form.
    2. B –  TKD Form, Weapons Basics, Self Defense, and Board Breaking
  2. Black Belt Club will focus on Basic Weapons and Leadership will focus on the more advanced weapons.

These changes are effective June 30, 2014.