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The holidays are approaching us again.  And along with the upsurge in shopping and holiday cheer, there will also be an upsurge in crime.  Don’t be a victim.  Situational awareness means knowing what is happening in your immediate vicinity at all times.  Be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

First and foremost – put that durn cell phone away!  If you are walking and texting, you might as well be carrying a big sign that reads “PLEASE MUG ME NOW!”  If you are looking down at that screen, you are clueless as to what is happening around you.  Bad guys profile for victims and people on their cell phone are easy pickings.

Practicing situational awareness is actually easy.  You can turn it into a game.  As you walk, keep your head up and your eyes open.  Make eye contact with everyone coming toward you.  Notice easily remembered things, such as skin color, hair color, clothing color, gender, etc.  The more you practice it, the better you will get at it.

When shopping, don’t load yourself down with packages.  Get a cart and put the packages in it, leaving your hands free.  Ladies, don’t put your purse in the cart – put that strap around your neck and shoulders where someone can’t easily snatch and run.  As you approach your car, take a second and look under it.  Look at the vehicles next to your car.  If you get an uneasy feeling about what you see, go back into the store and get an employee to walk you out.

Don’t be afraid to be confrontational.  Take a picture of the suspicious vehicle and get the license plate if you can.  If someone is approaching you and making you feel uneasy, don’t hesitate to ask them LOUDLY to move away from you.  Raise your voice and attract attention.  Bad guys don’t want witnesses and if you get people looking at you, they will leave.

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