Survival Awareness. Attend this FREE Women’s Self Defense Seminar!

Testimonial 13 Survival Awareness.  Attend this FREE Women’s Self Defense Seminar!

Learn about Survival Awareness at West Houston ATA’s FREE Women’s Self-Defense Seminar!

Attend West Houston ATA Martial Arts Women’s Self Defense Seminar on Sunday May 22nd from 1-5 pm, to learn more about Survival Awareness.

In today’s society, it is virtually impossible for a woman to conduct personal and profes­sional business without taking an unconscious risk to her personal safety through routine activities. The author believes it is easy for a personal defense or rape prevention instructor to advise women to stay totally clear of all unsafe environments. Although such advice is ideally correct, practically, it is virtually impossible for an active student, homemaker or professional woman to conduct all of her activities in totally safe environments.

Even if you did follow all of the security tips to avoid jeopardizing your safety, this will not stop a predator  from targeting you while you are conducting personal errands or pro­fessional business. Remember that a predator is going to hunt in what he perceives as fertile hunting grounds. The hunting grounds to identify a target for a sexual assault would be a parking garage, a university campus, a shopping mall or a grocery store.

If you are alert to your surroundings, you can often identify and profile a potential assailant by simply paying attention to the men in your immediate surroundings.  Come learn about some of the obvious signs you can look for.

Call us now at 713-532-2821 to reserve your spot.


Master Chuck Sears

Chief Instructor

West Houston ATA Martial Arts



P.S.  Spaces are limited, only 15 spaces remain.  Call now to reserve your spot.

P.S.S.  Remember this seminar is free to all mothers, so bring your friends.  It’s always more fun to train with someone you know.

P.S.S.S.  Don’t forget that Mom’s train for free the entire month of May.  Attend 6 classes in May and get a free Basic Program


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