Taekwondo for Adults

Just Stick With It Taekwondo for Adults

West Houston ATA Martial Arts offers some of the finest Martial Arts classes in the Westchase area. Our instructors utilize a top level curriculum under the guidance of Masters Chuck Sears and Lisa Rogers. We have implemented and tested a high-level martial arts training system that is utilized in all classes. The goal at West Houston ATA is to prepare its students to be able to truly master their Martial Arts discipline.

In our Martial Arts for Adults classes, students will learn real life practical applications, as well as a system to de-stress oneĆ­s self from the daily challenges within life. The classes are designed to be more than just kicking and punching. Over the course of your Martial Arts program, you will gain the self-confidence needed to help you feel comfortable in any situation that life may throw at you.

All programs are designed to enhance the bodily functions such as flexibility, core strength and endurance. Self-defense techniques are applied in a safe and enjoyable environment while emphasizing the values and practical application of martial art skills that could one day save a life.

Students learn to dedicate themselves to perfecting the art of Taekwondo with a strong curriculum based program that is challenging for beginners up to the most advanced Martial Art students. It is easy to understand why so many adults are taking up Martial Arts to help improve themselves mentally and physically.