Women Martial Arts 280x190 Self Defense   Be Neither Target Nor Victim

Every individual, at some point in his or her life, has needed self defense because they have been victimized, exploited, or abused in some form or another. Whether this relates to a child being bullied at school, an adult being singled out at the workplace, or in more serious cases, an individual being mugged on […]

bruce lee 0a1 280x190 Becoming a warrior in todays society, part 3.  Self Improvement through martial arts.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the warrior is a very noticeable sense of calm and inner peace. The warrior has found a way to overcome fear, doubt, hesitation and insecurity. Warriors accomplish this by learning discipline and self-control, and seeing the beauty in being able to execute excellent techniques forged from years of training […]

IMG 8148 280x190 Womens Martial Arts

Martial Arts: This Is Not Your Mother’s Fitness Routine Many women are looking to break away from repetitive workouts that quickly become boring and unmotivating. We want a self-motivating way to stay fit that doesn’t feel like a mind-numbing, tiresome routine. Repeating the same workout or activity day after day, week after week quickly dampens […]

Kickboking Woman Fitness 280x190 Martial Arts for Women: Step out of the Ordinary

Martial Arts for Women: Step out of the Ordinary and into Extraordinary Physical activity and fitness are very important aspect of our lives. Often times people get away from working out and eating wisely because it simply becomes boring. Here at West Houston ATA Martial Arts, we offer unique Martial Arts programs that allow students […]