Chuck Lisa cropped 2015 280x190 Oh, Im too old to start Taekwondo training

Ummm….no, you are not.  You can train in Taekwondo at any age. I personally know two high ranking people in the ATA who are in their 90s and actively training.  They both started when they were in their 60s.  I will agree – yeah, you probably won’t be kicking very high.  But that doesn’t mean […]

bruce lee 0a1 280x190 Becoming a warrior in todays society, part 3.  Self Improvement through martial arts.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the warrior is a very noticeable sense of calm and inner peace. The warrior has found a way to overcome fear, doubt, hesitation and insecurity. Warriors accomplish this by learning discipline and self-control, and seeing the beauty in being able to execute excellent techniques forged from years of training […]

Yin Yang 280x190 Honesty   the first step to an abundant life

Honesty.  Here at West Houston ATA Martial Arts, we say that it is the first step to an abundant life. The dictionary defines it as the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness; truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness; freedom from deceit or fraud.  But it is so much more than that.  To be honest means to follow your conscience and to have the courage to face the consequences of your […]

It’s May 1st.  Time to start thinking about summer.  Are your kids going to sit around the house driving you crazy this summer?  Are you ready to  change your exercise routine, or begin a new one?  Consider martial arts training at West Houston ATA Martial Arts. We are running our Summer Spectacular throughout May.  Give […]