The strongest word in the English language

Pinetree The strongest word in the English language

Do you know what it is?  It’s only three letters long, but it can change your life.  Read these two statements:

1.  I can’t do that.

2. I can’t do that…yet.

Do you see the difference that little word makes?  The first statement is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’ll probably never do it.  But the second statement is much different.  In it, you are acknowledging that right at this moment, you can’t do something….but that you are going to be successful in doing it in the future.

How many of you have said, “Oh, I can’t do martial arts.  I’m too old or too out of shape or don’t have time….” or other things.  Try this – give us a call or fill out the contact form and set up an intro lesson.  Take the first step toward making “yet” become “I can do this!”.