There’s always something new to learn!

Sparring Theres always something new to learn!

This was one of Grand Master Emeritus Soon Ho Lee’s favorite sayings.  And it is so true.

It doesn’t matter how many times you do something or see something or hear something – you should try to learn something new about it.  And if it is something totally brand new to you, that’s like a big surprise present!

In Taekwondo, for example, we may have done 100,000 side kicks.  But we try to make the 100,001st better than the last by learning something new about the side kick, or about ourselves doing the side kick.  Every day of our lives, we should learn new things, or take things we already know and learn how to make them better.  If a day goes by where we don’t do that, we have wasted that day and we will never get it back for a do-over.

Never stop learning!!