What is your New Year’s Resolution?

santa   martial artsSMALL What is your New Years Resolution?

We humans are creatures of habit. Most times, those habits are good, but sometimes our habits don’t work for us.

For example, if faced with the choice of being able to sit in an easy chair and read a book for an hour, or work out with hard physical exercise for an hour, how many of us will choose the exercise? Yes, reading is a good habit and it stimulates the mind, but the physical workout will stimulate the mind and the body as well.

Regular exercise does many things. It improves your overall mood and well-being, it makes you healthier, it boosts your energy, it helps you sleep better. But we humans want to get these things without having to work for them, and that is just not going to happen. Setting a regular schedule to exercise a minimum of twice a week will result in an overall improvement in our lives.

We’ve got Christmas and the New Year coming up. How about setting a New Year’s resolution to attend Taekwondo classes at West Houston ATA Martial Arts 2-3 times a week for all of 2016? You’ll enjoy the workouts, you’ll enjoy losing weight and you’ll enjoy the increased stamina in your life! Call us today at 713-532-2821 and give yourself and your family the best Christmas present ever!

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