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New Year’s Resolutions

Posted: July 11, 2018

How many of you set New Year’s Resolutions?  You know, lose weight, get back in shape, etc.  How many of you have already broken the resolutions about losing weight, getting back in shape, etc.?

When you think of the complexity of the human body, it seems a little overwhelming.  It was easy to get out of shape.  It’s hard to get back into shape.  Our muscles just don’t want to do the exercise.  Your brain has to have the discipline to order your muscles to get in shape and stay that way.

Never stop learning!

Posted: July 11, 2018

Howard Gardner and his colleagues at Harvard University have demonstrated that when your range of intelligences is involved, you expand your learning ability. Each type of intelligence presents a different way to explore a subject your trying to acquire knowledge about. This gives you different abilities to call upon when you’re trying to solve a problem and will expand your learning process.

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