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Never stop learning!

Posted: July 11, 2018

GirlBreakingBoard Never stop learning!

Howard Gardner and his colleagues at Harvard University have demonstrated that when your range of intelligences is involved, you expand your learning ability. Each type of intelligence presents a different way to explore a subject
your trying to acquire knowledge about. This gives you different abilities to call upon when you’re trying to solve a problem and will expand your learning process.

On average we remember 20 % of what we read, 30 of what we hear, 40 % of what we see, 50 % of what we say, 60 % of what we do and 90 % of what we see, hear and do. When you combine seeing, hearing and doing, your learning ability greatly increases, as well as your memory.  Researchers have found that if an idea or skill is used within 24 hours of seeing
it, it is more likely to be remembered and used in the future. So use the skills you learn.

Here’s a simple example.  Let’s say you have never practiced martial arts in your life.  You see some martial arts action movies and they look interesting, so you decide to learn martial arts.  With this decision, you go to the library and check out a giant book on Taekwondo.  You read the book from cover to cover and learn the history and  each and every rule. You then read two more great books about martial arts.  Now you know every single thing about martial arts history and famous martial artists, but still you never actually go out onto a floor and practice.  Even after all this research and study, do you think that you could be a good martial artist? Of course not! Without knowing how it feels to focus a punch, chamber a kick, spar, or break a board, you would not perform very well.

Learning is more than reading about something, but also practicing what you want to become knowledgeable about! When you combine reading about an activity, such as Taekwondo, along with practicing it, then the activity becomes real and exciting. Learn all you can through books and research, but then also make it a point to experience as much of what you are studying first hand. Put on the uniform, get out on the floor and train!

GirlBreakingBoard Never stop learning!