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What’s Your Vision?

Posted: June 28, 2018

WhiteBeltNeverGaveUp Whats Your Vision?

One thing that all leaders have in common is a vision.   We have a dream of something we want to accomplish.  We then sit down and craft that dream into a vision.

Successful leaders, after they have done the crafting, will then effectively communicate that vision to others and get them to support it.  The vision then gets turned into goals, which are specific plans.  When the goals get accomplished, what was once a dream has now become reality.

This process can affect you by yourself, or it can affect a small group, or it can affect millions of people.  Let’s say that you want to lose weight and get into shape.  You take that dream and envision yourself lighter, trimmer and having more endurance.  You then communicate that concept to yourself by setting a specific goal:  lose X pounds in 90 days, or something similar.  You then work the goal by scheduling time to walk, or by starting Taekwondo lessons.  You also set dietary goals and plan your meals.

What happens if you don’t lose the weight?  You monitor and adjust.  Maybe you change your diet plan again or increase your workouts.  You don’t give up.  There is a famous quote:

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal.  You do NOT change your decision to get there.”   (Zig Ziglar)

Let your vision be your guide to success.  Let it be the foundation for your goals.  Set a goal today to earn your Black Belt, then give us a call here at West Houston ATA Martial Arts.  We’ll help you make your vision become reality.

BlackBelt Whats Your Vision?